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How To Implement Continuous Evaluation Across Government…Today

Merton Miller / Feb 10, 2018

It does not matter how much time the government takes to work through the implementation for Continuous Evaluation, the final solution will never identify 100% of the possible issues that might arise between investigations.

What’s the Status of Continuous Evaluation Today?

Merton Miller / Feb 9, 2018

Continuous Evaluation is meant to be a key component in helping fill information gaps associated with the time between periodic reinvestigations (PRs).  Do current delays have a real impact to our national security? You decide.

Can Continuous Evaluation Replace Periodic Reinvestigations?

Merton Miller / Feb 1, 2018

In the continued security clearance reform debate, one topic being considered is the replacement of periodic reinvestigations with continuous evaluation.

National Security Gaps Created by Slow Clearance Processing Times

Merton Miller / Jan 26, 2018

The ongoing national security crisis created by the backlog of national security background investigations continues to drive ill-conceived solutions that do little for security.