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Engineering Jobs for Women – A Perfect Match for Cleared Vets

Tranette Ledford / Mar 3, 2015

Cleared women veterans interested in cleared engineering jobs have great prospects in electrical, mechanical, nuclear and civil engineering.

Top Five Cleared Technology Jobs

Tranette Ledford / Feb 3, 2015

Cleared technology jobs continue to expand. Find out what the top five in-demand fields are, and which companies are hiring.

All you Need to Know for Cleared Drone Jobs in 2015

Tranette Ledford / Jan 13, 2015

While the push to take the pilot out of the plane is still being resolved in the commercial sector, cleared drone jobs continue to open in defense.

Defense Cybersecurity Jobs Expand in San Antonio

Tranette Ledford / Dec 9, 2014

San Antonio is increasingly turning into a defense cybersecurity hub, with the National Security Agency (NSA) set to add up to 1,000 new cybersecurity jobs in the city, most of which will require security clearances.

Free Online Certificate Program Boosts Path to Cleared Careers

Tranette Ledford / Nov 25, 2014

A free online certificate program can cut the time and cost involved in earning certificates in high-demand fields and help streamline the path to cleared careers.