Across all sectors, opportunities for cleared technical careers are on the rise, with salaries matching the upward swing. According to data provided by U.S. News and World Report, the following five cleared technical careers are among the top 25 jobs in the technology industry.

Software Developers

Job descriptions vary, but for the most part, software developers design, test, maintain and improve organization’s applications and operating systems software. Bachelor’s degrees are generally a requirement, along with working knowledge and experience.  The median salary for software developers is $92,660. However, clearances and defense industry software developers generally earn higher salaries.  Great places to look:

Computer Systems Analysts

This is another field that will continue to grow. Computer systems analysts are essentially IT project managers.  Job descriptions generally list cost-benefit analysis as a requirement, along with good communication skills for serving as a go-between among programmers and engineers. Additionally, they require testing and analysis skills.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), most of the new positions projected for 2015 will be in science, finance and computer systems design. The median salary is just above $81,000.  Companies actively hiring:

Information Security Analysts

Dependence on technology is only increasing, and the BLS projects a job growth rate of more than 36 percent over the next eight years. Information security analysts serve as the safeguards of computer networks, data and systems against cyberattacks.  Along with a bachelor’s degree, information security analysts conduct risk and vulnerability assessments and develop defense strategies to keep company or government data safe from security breaches. Due to the growing need, salaries continue to see a hike.  Currently, the median salary is more than $88,000, with many companies paying as high as six figures.  Companies hiring now:

Mechanical Engineers

By all accounts, mechanical engineer jobs are recession-proof, with demand remaining high in any economy. These jobs are all about research, design, building and testing to ensure safety, quality and performance.  Because of the talent and skills involved, defense organizations increasingly require a clearance, bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. In all states, mechanical engineers must also be licensed.  This career field sees median salaries of more than $82,000.  Great places to look for jobs:

Database Administrators

These jobs, often referred to as DBAs, involve building and maintaining an organization’s database to meet its specific data needs. Cleared DBAs must also be certified in one or more platforms, and have experience in analysis and design.  Additionally, they need good communication skills.  The median salary is just above $78,000, but organizations requiring a clearance generally pay higher salaries.  Good companies with open positions for cleared DBAs:

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