ClearanceJobs is now home to nearly 8500 security cleared positions. With new jobs and opportunities added every day, there are positions in fields from finance to communications. But which industries offered the most opportunities in 2014? Here’s a round-up of the top job categories, as ranked by the number of positions listed. You can expect these jobs to stay hot in 2015, particularly careers in IT.

1. Software Developer (350+ Career Opportunities Today)

Software developers continue to be in-demand, and the best talent can demand top pay. This was a hot field in 2014 and there’s nowhere but up for these in-demand professionals. Certifications are often required, specifically a CISSP and Security +.

2. Systems Engineer ( 342+ Career Opportunities Today)

If you have the skills, you can land a job as a systems engineer. Salaries are high and career opportunities are diverse – systems engineers can work almost anywhere.

3. Project/Program Management (289 Career Opportunities Today)

2014 was a rebound year for defense contracting and new opportunities mean new need for program and project managers to take the helm.Veterans are often a great fit for these positions, with their proven leadership and defense experience. A PMP certification is always a boost and align your specific skills with the specific program.

4. Logistics (280 career Opportunities today)

What goes over, must come back (or be destroyed, or left in the sand). Either way, as troops come and go, logistics professionals are needed to manage the flow. Positions are often located on the coasts or OCONUS, but not all logistics positions are related to troop movements. Positions are diverse and job openings include unexpected locations like Cleveland, Ohio.

5. Quality Assurance Testing (272 Career Opportunities Today)

Love paperwork and compliance? Quality assurance careers are for you. Attention-to-detail is a must, but as long as their are government programs there will be a need for quality assurance professionals to manage them.

6. Systems Administrator (244 Career Opportunities Today)

IT will continue to dominate the top cleared positions, and systems administrator positions are in continued demand. Systems administrators manage computer systems and hardware, and positions are located across the globe.


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