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New Dual Citizenship Guideline for Security Clearance Eligibility

William Henderson / May 24, 2017

When there is a “conflicting interest,” dual citizenship may be mitigated, if the applicant is willing to renounce foreign citizenship and there is no evidence of foreign preference.

New Security Clearance Criteria Released in SEAD 4

William Henderson / May 23, 2017

Newly released adjudicative guidelines provide guidance on topics of foreign preference, the polygraph, and the Bond Amendment.

Legal Prostitution and Security Clearances

William Henderson / Jan 25, 2017

Legal prostitution may not seem like an issue in your security clearance investigation, but it can easily result in clearance denial or revocation. More importantly, it gives your employer good ground to fire you – with cause.

2016 Security Clearance Policy Year in Review

William Henderson / Jan 12, 2017

What were the major changes that took place in the security clearance process in 2016? From changes to the SF86 to new investigations for clearance holders, it was a busy year.

How Psychological Health Affects Your Security Clearance

William Henderson / May 26, 2016

Psychological health is a factor in your ability to maintain a security clearance. Controversy remains about how exactly to establish risk as it relates to mental health and psychological treatment.