You’re adding new connections to your Cleared Network. Great! But one of the best ways to make a great first impression is also one of the easiest – set up automatic emails to send to candidates every time you connect.

It takes just a minute, and is an easy way to begin the conversation with a new candidate.

To set up automatic updates, simply go to Settings in the Cleared Network. Scroll to the bottom of the page to customize your message, or simply fill in the blanks in our template. Be sure to toggle the ‘Enabled’ button to ‘Yes’ to make sure candidates receive your updates.

How to customize your message

First, it’s important to know that candidates will see your profile picture in the message – so if you don’t have one uploaded, you go from making a great first impression to looking a little lazy.

Looking for an easy way to personalize your message? Provide candidates with hyperlinks they can use to visit your company page or your recruiter profile. Keep in mind that every new connection will receive this message, so while you want to make it personalized, you’ll want to keep it general. Other great information to include might be tips on how to apply for positions with your company, what a few of your top hiring needs are today, or what a candidate can expect. If you’re only adding to your pipeline, go ahead and let candidates know with a message that says:

“I was impressed with your profile and wanted to add you to my network. I’ll be in touch with future opportunities. For more information on our company today please visit our company profile.”

An introductory message can also be a great way to link candidates up with other team members who also have profiles on the Cleared Network.

Fill the Feedback Void

We know you can’t personally respond to every resume you receive or every candidate contact. Yet an ongoing complaint among cleared job seekers is a lack of employer feedback. One easy (and zero time) way to respond to candidates is with an automatic message to new connections. It lets them know ‘hey, I’ve got you in my network – I’ll see your profile first the next time I’m searching for your skill set.’ Without a confirmation email a candidate may not realize they’ve made the cut. And you may not be the first to know when they go from casual career networking to active job searching.

Simply toggle ‘Yes’ under ‘Personal Connection Note’ to get started. And don’t forget to customize the template with your name, company name and links! Or take it a step further and tell candidates more about who you are and what you’re looking for.

Happy connecting!