Here’s another piece of spam, this time poorly disguised as a job offer:


Hello, I am Tanya

I am manager of Russian reseller company: “Nix inc”.


Our company need US and Ca partners for dropshipping.

We buy staff in the USA and resell it to our clients in Eastern Europe (including Russia).

If you are interested in cooperation we offer the following conditions:

You recieve a package

Then we send you pre-paid shipping label (we have our own USPS account), you should print it and put on the box.

Then you go to the nearest USPS office and ship this package as soon as it possible.

We will pay money for your work via Paypal each two weeks.

The first month of work you will get $20 per package (it is some kind of verification), and then $40 per each.

Please, provide us with the

following details to get started:

Age,Name,Address for receiving package ( will be delevered 10:30 am – 16:30 pm)

Telephone number!!!

If you are interested in this offer please write on: for more information.

If our offer you does not interest simply ignore this letter. Excuse for troubling.

Thanks a lot!



Unless you are hunting for a job in Russia, there’s no reason to even read emails from anyone claiming to be from there, or having anything to do with the country. Other dead giveaways that this is pure junk include poor English, requests for personal information, and the offer to pay for doing menial tasks like delivering boxes.

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