Most candidates today are still stuck in past. Gone are the days of the old “cover letter, resume and prayer method” that has been employed for the last 50 years. Unfortunately, far too many candidates are still mailing and emailing their resumes and cover letters to company’s HR departments even though they know, little will come from their efforts. Candidates are still following the “same old tried and not true methods” for finding and securing THAT NEXT job.

Our unique contrarian system is designed around the five main purposes and challenges for every job search today.

  1. Know yourself, your target companies, and their executives.
  2. Learn how to prepare “marketing” materials that will get you NOTICED. Move from the HERD to be HEARD.
  3. Based on our 7 unique questions; learn a new interviewing technique. “get INTERVIEWED.” Know what to ask, when, why and how.
  4. Learn how to negotiate from a position of strength to “get THAT NEXT job!”
  5. Finally, learn how to develop a “Real Network” that will always be there to enable you to “get THAT NEXT job!”

Our Personal Marketing Strategy Program© system is also built around five very basic and not so self-evident premises:

  1. Transition is and always will be a S.A.L.E.S. & Marketing JOB!
  2. In every job search, “all contacts regardless of rank or status are AUDITIONS. Be prepared, be aware.
  3. ALWAYS stay positive; in every interview setting. Be they on the phone, face-to-face or via email.
  4. Your accomplishments must always demonstrate clearly that you are a REWARD for the hiring manager not a risk.
  5. Work as if THAT NEXT job depends on it, it DOES!

Our transition philosophy can best be summed up as: “Tasks are normally dismissed, measurable accomplishments are always recognized!”

I wish there were some secrets I could impart, a magic spell that I could teach you, but a job search is still hard work, emotionally as well as fiscally. Fortunately, those of you that came to this site expected that, you have always WORKED hard. You have already proven you are a success. Now you must learn how to present that information and get it to the right decision makers, interview, and then CLOSE for the job.

All hiring is based on a very simple premise; you, as a candidate, must be able to demonstrate how you will increase the “reward of hire” and decrease the “risk of hire” for any hiring authority. You must also not forget that your new opportunity must also be a “reward” for you and your family as well. Most employment situations seem very dissimilar, but the outcomes are all the same, to get a new job (responsibility or identity), get more money (benefits), or set out on a different career path entirely after figuring out what you want to be when you “grow up.”

The one skill that is not apparent in a job search, and is not often stressed is the necessity to keep great job search records. Truth is; your getting noticed, interviewed and hired depend on it. Our commitment to you as our new reader is to allow you to thrive long after you have read and begun to use our process and procedures. Hopefully, we have demonstrated that our system is complete, relatively easy to follow and works.

I am pleased to be able to help you “get THAT NEXT job.” Over the next few months, we will be covering the basic concepts that we used to build our Personal Marketing Strategy Program©.   They include:

  1. How to deal with Transition/Termination’s Fear of the Unknown
  2. Most candidates’ reluctance or fear to do the necessary Personal Analysis & Introspection to be able to adequately present themselves in today’s highly competitive world.
  3. Quandary about how to do the Market & Job Analysis necessary to secure THAT NEXT job.
  4. Preparation, Development of your Marketing products
  5. Presentation of your credentials to the correct individuals & knowing the requisite Interviewing Skills to be seriously considered as a finalist.
  6. Knowing how to Evaluate new Opportunities
  7. The ability to negotiate the NEW job based on the candidates’ strength.  
  8. Finally, Commitment and understanding of how to succeed in the New Job or Career Path.


get THAT NEXT job!©” has finally changed the paradigm of the job search process. Our 21st century transition methodology is applicable to all candidates, current and former military, civilian, individual contributors or General Staff and CEO’s.

Our step-by-step search methods will guide you through your transition process in a comfortable, efficient way that will keep your confidence intact and your eyes always on the ultimate goal.

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