When it comes to landing a job, sometimes it’s best to focus on the basics – simple mistakes may be keeping you out of the running. Check out this advice from Gary Goss, senior recruiter and facility security officer at Professional Solutions (ProSol):

These are several things I would suggest regarding resumes, interviewing and networking:

1. When applying online-make sure you read the entire job description and meet all the qualifications! List examples of your skills and abilities as it relates to the job description in your resume.

2. Check and verify your email address. And use an "appropriate" email address…email addresses can be created for free!

3. Network, Network and Network…this cannot be said enough. You need to network in the same circles as the position you are applying; stay involved!

4. Interviewing- Always be early "to be early is to be on time; to be on time means your late".

5. Everything you do in the online and in Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and others) is researchable, be cautious about what you post or allow to be posted about you.

6. Stay flexible

These are basic tips…but these simple steps are not being followed and it may cost you an interview or a position.

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