"Tasks are normally dismissed, measurable accomplishments are always recognized!"

Every candidate soon understands that every transition process begins with a fundamental truth; before you can be interviewed or better yet hired, you must first get “NOTICED.” Therefore, every candidate’s first goal must be to get noticed, to transit from the “herd to be HEARD!” The 18 Day Program’s mission is to get your name in front of your pre-selected hiring authority contacts by leaving a vmail and then emailing (CIP) or hard copy sending, your already prepared Presentation Documents and then attempting to make contact every three days for 18 Days. Your name and Presentation Materials are therefore in front of each target contact between 18 and 36 times over that short period. The 18 Day Program is nothing more than a marketing and sales campaign!

The program is based on an 18 Day cycle. Over that period of time, candidates are shown how to call directly, email and mail their Presentation Materials to their already predetermined chosen "contact" in their target companies.

When you send a hard copy via “snail” mail of your presentation material, you are instructed to never include the traditional cover letter, in its place however, merely send a yellow sticky note that says, "Thought you might be interested in this" signed with your first name only. All mail is always addressed to the decision maker only, not HR, and labeled personal & confidential.

We would suggest that you target all 18 potential companies in your primary target list at once. Other companies or names will arise as you make your phone contacts, they too become target clients. Always send, via email or US mail, one of the six pieces of the Candidate Information Program (CIP) in order; or the now highly evolved Tri-Fold via regular mail only. (See: CIP on website) We do understand that only 20% of your missives will get through to their appointed targets the first time. This fact that allows you the opportunity to re-send those Presentation Materials and make the arrival of the next mailing an “expected” one that you have prepared especially for that contact and company.

Our PMSP technique is designed for the “hidden” job market, although it can be used as an entrée for the “existing” job market as well. Remember, your information must be directed to the president or equivalent, the real hiring authority, not just or only to HR! (Always seek to send your Presentation Materials to someone that is at a minimum two levels above the position that you want.) The higher you go in a company with the PMSP Presentation Materials the “more” attention you will receive.

As we have said above, after each document is sent, then call or email the hiring authority to confirm the receipt of your information and attempt to secure an interview via phone. Remember, this is a sales campaign! Techniques, such as the “assumptive” and “either or closes” are built into the program. These sales techniques are not gimmicks or ploys but a necessary part of the PROCESS, as you are now, indeed, a sales professional representing your product, YOU.

Your job in transition is not what all other programs advocate; your first goal is not to get a job. Your first objective is very simple, “get Noticed.” All the Preparation Materials that you prepare are designed to first attract the attention of a hiring authority. Your second goal is to secure an interview and finally your third goal is to negotiate well enough to ‘get THAT NEXT job.”

Our Personal Marketing Strategy Program forces our candidates to understand that if you attempt you circumvent this basic strategy, your transition time can be extended by a factor of three.

Summary of the 18 Day Program Approach:

1. The first objective of the transition process is to get “noticed.”

2. Transition is and will always be a total S.A.L.E.S. process, not just a single act.

3. The candidate, like any sales professional must always focus on the hiring authority’s needs and rewards.

4. The transitionee must think of themselves as a “product,” not a merely a person (i.e. accomplishments, not tasks will get YOU noticed.)

Our Candidate Transition program is based on three distinct, yet interrelated concepts; a highly structured, step-by-step 18 Day Transition Program, a totally unique Candidate Presentation methodology (actually a variation of the traditional cover letter, but one on steroids) and finally, the understanding that every candidate must demonstrate a true Reward of Hire during every contact with any hiring authority, but especially, at the first contact.

Today, in this discussion, we will introduce briefly our 18 Day Program. Like the other parts of our transition program it is an extremely aggressive “S.A.L.E.S” and marketing methodology for seeking any new position. The information below is merely a synopsis of one key concept from our total PMSP© program, more can be found in our book, CD and or at at www.get-THAT-NEXT-job.com.

Our program is easily followed and monitored. It is based on a solution sales model and forces every candidate to think reward of hire vs. risk of hire at every step of their transition process.

Our goal for these enotes is to demonstrate how you can “Move from the Herd to be Heard” in today’s job market place.

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