Are you the person who plans parties, organizes group outings and can actually stick to a budget? You may be the perfect person to administer multi-million dollar aerospace and defense programs as a program manager.

Almost every government project has one thing in common – a program manager overseeing it. Program managers may work directly for the federal government or for a defense contractor. In either scenario the position typically requires supervising other employees as well as helping to manage budgets and compliance.

What does it take to be a program manager?

Successful program managers often transition from careers as engineers or technical experts – that ensures you have a background in the program you’ll be overseeing.

Ten to fifteen years of experience is frequently required. Consider obtaining a Program Management Professional (PMP) certification, especially if you’re looking to pursue a position with a government agency.

Finally, adherence to ethics, appreciation for policy and good people skills are requirements for successful program managers.

If you have the right skills, a career in program management can be a fulfilling and lucrative path – program managers in information technology and engineering earn between $121,496 and $123,199, according to an annual salary survey.



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