Considering a career transition? It takes tenacity, passion, and the ability to learn new things. Some of the same things it takes to be successful at a cutting-edge federal contracting firm such as Barbaricum. Barbaricum was founded in 2008. Over the years its missions have expanded but attracting top talent has remained a priority. Employees offered several tips for job seekers looking to make a transition and remain successful.

“It is absolutely imperative that professionals keep up on their practice, their focus, the thing that makes them valuable in that space,” said Noah Albro, creative manager at Barbaricum. “It’s also really important to look outside of that space, and try things you haven’t before.”

Albro emphasized that the idea of single skillsets is no longer the norm – employers want professionals who can apply their skills in a variety of areas. At Barbaricum, an open-concept office plan emphasizes a work culture that depends on employees working together to solve problems and improve performance for customers.

Before applying for a new position or considering a new career track, doing your homework is key. While it can be intimidating to reach out to other professionals, their insights can make your job search much more profitable.

“Until you’re actually in a job there’s really no way to know what you’re doing, day-to-day,” said¬†Kyle Andrews, senior manager for research at Barbaricum. ¬†“I’ve had a lot of luck approaching people – even strangers – to do informational interviews.”

Getting a job is always work. Launching a career – whether it’s a career transition or your first job – requires even more effort. Develop your five and ten year plans, meet with other professionals to get their ideas and advice, and then network to accomplish your goals.

“It gets back to the idea of getting out there, getting yourself out there, talking to friends, and seeing what’s available,” said Albro. “I believe in the idea of curiosity and preparedness. Always have the end state in mind.”

Preparing for a career transition.

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