Being out and about in the cleared community I frequently hear the question from folks asking why they should be on ClearanceJobs if they’re not currently looking for a new position. I mean, ClearanceJobs is a job board, right? If you’re not actively looking for a new position, is there really a reason to be on the site?

ClearanceJobs isn’t just a job board, however, it’s a career network – a place to connect with companies and employers, get security clearance tips and industry updates. That means there are a number of reasons – and advantages – for being on ClearanceJobs, long before you’re looking for a new position.

It Pays to Be a Security Cleared Candidate

If you’ve ever had to look for a job after being laid off or without work for awhile, you know how hard it is to find a job with all of the pressures of paying bills (and maintaining your security clearance). It is always much better to find your next job before you need it – and sometimes the best jobs come when you’re not even looking.

Employers love to connect with passive job seekers – the kind of folks with unique and sought after skills who may or may not be looking to move on from their current company. And cleared candidates are some of the most in-demand professionals around – with coveted skills and a valuable security clearance. If you see a great opportunity or are contacted about one, it doesn’t mean you need to move on from your current company – but it certainly gives you a better idea of what your skills are worth.

Keep Up Your A-Game

Okay, I could be the only one here, but I love job interviews. I always feel like it’s a challenge that keeps me on my toes and helps me focus on my accomplishments, as well as where I’m headed in my career. (And I’m in communications – talking about myself is one of my favorite things). Getting too comfortable in your current job can make you forget about those interview soundbites that you pull out when you need to impress. The same idea applies to dress. While I can’t say that being a part of the ClearanceJobs career network will improve your wardrobe, I can say that thinking like a cleared professional (and dressing like one) will kick up your office game a notch or two.

Keep Up With Your Industry (And Your Clearance)

Knowing what jobs are out there and where your industry is headed is absolutely to your (and your current employer’s) advantage. Perhaps you note a rise in the need for Voice-Over-Internet Protocol (VOIP) experts in your industry. That clues you in that perhaps some extra training or experience in this area would be an advantage. At ClearanceJobs we do our best to give you news and updates about topics that would be of interest to security-cleared professionals – not just those actively looking for a new job. Our website offers resources on information from the Best Cities for Defense to Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) and defense budgets.

ClearanceJobs is also known as a premiere place for security clearance updates and information. We get dozens of questions posted about the security clearance process each week, and every year we help hundreds of individuals navigate the security clearance process. Policies and procedures change, and if you’re a cleared professional you need to stay on top of them. A security clearance is too valuable of an advantage to take for granted.


If you haven’t joined groups, you’re really missing out on a major advantage of ClearanceJobs. Our Cleared Network allows you to connect with companies and recruiters in your industry or field of expertise. Making connections with recruiters and companies is a great way for active job seekers to stay informed of opportunities. If you’re hesitant to network directly with recruiters try following news and updates in relevant areas by joining a group designed for your clearance level, region or expertise.

One Stop Shopping

With so many places to connect and get information online it can get a bit confusing. Should I be linked or tweeting, facebooking or flicking? Security cleared professionals need to be even more careful – flaunting your TSI/SCI on the open web might not be the best thing, and social media certainly presents to be aware of. ClearanceJobs offers career opportunities but also provides news, networking and a secure website for you to connect with legitimate companies and see positions targeted toward your expertise. Unlike social media sites, ClearanceJobs is a closed network, not searchable on Google and not available to uncleared individuals or unverified companies.

Your Current Employer Doesn’t Have to Know

You can be on ClearanceJobs anonymously – which means your contact information won’t be publicly available, but employers will still be able to contact you via private email. Simply update your registration and change your status to Anonymous.

So what are you waiting for? With all of these reasons for being a part of the ClearanceJobs Career Network, I’m sure there are a few that even your current employer could appreciate.

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