Defense Hiring News: 6/13/12

Who’s Hiring

Colorado Company Expanding

A Colorado company with a contract with the Air Force Research Laboratory is looking to fill as many as 110 open positions for software and systems engineers and program managers. Even as the Colorado region braces for potential defense cuts and sequestration, defense contractor Intelligent Software Solutions (ISS) says it is creating jobs as fast as it can fill them. Like most contractors looking to fill sensitive national security positions, ISS CEO Jay Jesse said they have had to expand their search beyond the local region because there is a limited pool of individuals who are qualified for their positions.

Who’s Firing

Northrop Grumman Announces Layoffs, Defense Contractors Prepare Pink Slips

Northrop Grumman will be laying off approximately 250 employees currently working at a manufacturing facility in Norwalk, Conn. The company announced the lay-offs last week, noting that it would be its Norden Systems engineering and manufacturing facility. 

Meanwhile, more analysts are predicting serious consequences if congress doesn’t come up with a solution to sequestration. Dov Zakheim, comptroller under George W. Bush, noted last week that defense contractors of all sizes would be legally required to issue pink slips Nov. 2 – two months before sequestration would go into effect. Under the 1988 Warn Act companies are required to announce layoffs two months in advance. With sequestration bringing much unpredictability and uncertainty into the defense industry, companies across the board are concerned about how to deal with the unknown – from contract awards to staffing.

Who’s Acquiring

DuPont expanding military arsenal

At a time when many are expanding or selling their defense portfolio DuPont is increasing its share of military expertise. DuPont announced last Friday that it had acquired Tensylon from BAE Systems for 18 million. Tensylon makes a protective material with ballistic and commercial applications. In addition, DuPont took a minority stake in U.S. technology start-up Nanocomp Technologies, Inc. Nanocomp is a high-tech materials manufacturer making products using carbon nanotubes. The tubes are used in materials from body armor to satellites.

Who’s Moving

Alabama Fighting Against Budget Moves

Alabama congressional members are fighting back against what they argue is a White House orchestrated move of 800 personnel from Maxwell Air Force Base to Montana. The supposed cost-savings measure to move seven C-130 aircraft has been proposed as a part of plans to cut $487 billion from the defense budget. The Alabama congressional members are arguing the cost to re-train new personnel, move those personnel and build a new hangar would exceed any potential savings.

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