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Who’s Hiring:

NSA Wants Defcon Hackers

The National Security Agency wants to hire Defcon hackers – and Gen. Keith Alexander, NSA director, is asking them to join the ranks of America’s best cyber spooks in the federal government. Alexander isn’t the first government leader to attend the conference, but he’s perhaps the highest profile and has done the government’s most obvious engagement so far, giving a keynote address to the audience of hackers and singing their praises. "In this room right here is the talent we need to secure cyberspace," said Alexander. "You know we can protect the networks and have civil liberties and privacy and you can help us get there."

Who’s Firing:

Cisco Trims 2 percent of Workforce

Cisco is laying off 1,300 employees, about 2 percent of their payroll. Cisco is tightening its belt after lower than expected earnings last quarter. Cisco hasn’t yet announced which operations or positions will be trimmed.

Who’s Acquiring:

Oracle Adds to Software Defined Networking Trend

Oracle’s sixth acquisition this year, announced Monday, is Xsigo Systems, a network virtualization technology. It’s another acquisition building on the trend of software defined networking.

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