Cybersecurity Hiring News: 5/23/12

Who’s Hiring:

Cyber Hiring Goes on the Offensive

You know you’ve written a catchy job posting when it catches the attention of the Kaspersky Blog. A “Cyber Software Engineer 2” listing described a position to “plan, execute and assess an Offensive Cyberspace Operation (OCO) mission.” The fact of the matter is the Northrop Grumman posting isn’t the first listing to including offensive cyber operations. Over two dozen open positions posted at today include requests for offensive cyber ops skills. With Cybersecurity policy increasingly putting the United States on the offensive, expect defense contractors to follow suit, as they try to attract and retain the best cyber warriors.

Who’s Firing:

HP Could Lay-Off as Many as 30,000 Systems Engineers and Application Developers

Computer World is reporting that HP is set to lay-off as many as 30,000 employees this week, and HP is expected to make the announcement later today. It’s unclear which employees will be cut, and whether those positions will be in the U.S. at all. The news isn’t good for tech hiring but if any of those newly unemployed HP works possess the right cyber skills, it’s unlikely they’ll be unemployed for long.

Who’s Acquiring:

Uncle Sam Armed with COTS Tech

A two-part series on Federal News Radio this week touts the Pentagon’s efforts to use Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technology wherever possible, including in cyber missions. In the U.S. Army’s Nett Warrior tactical communications program, for instance, the government was able to purchase a $2,000 commercially available hardware program to replace a $12,000 military program. This bodes well for commercial app developers and network engineers, who in an increasingly cash strapped fiscal climate may be able to find a government buyer for the right-priced COTS solution.

Who’s Moving:

DRS Technologies Makes a Move, VA Takes the Win

Virginia is already making headway in its efforts to attract the growing sector of cybersecurity business to the state. With government still the major buyer of cyber solutions, the Northern Virginia area is looking to increase its market share of cybersecurity business. DRS Technologies, a leading defense technology company, will be consolidating its Parsippany, N.J. and Rockville, Md. offices to one location in Crystal City, Va.

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