Cybersecurity Hiring News: Who’s Hiring, Who’s Firing, Who’s Acquiring 6/27/12

Who’s Hiring:

CIOs Want More Cyber Capability for Less

Cybersecurity tops the concerns of federal Chief Information Officer’s, according to the Tech America 2012 Federal CIO survey. But despite cyber concerns, and the need to hire the best, the top goal is trimming budgets. This sets up a difficult situation for companies looking to simultaneously increase cyber defenses and save money. The issue has even set up some unconventional contract awards, with the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigrations and Custom Enforcement agency recently awarding a sole-source IT security contract to an existing vendor rather than opening up competition, reports Federal Computer Week.

Cyber firms, and the U.S. government, will likely continue looking for the sweet spot when it comes to getting the right cyber talent and capability, and the right price.

Who’s Firing:

HP Laying Off 9,000 US-Based Workers

HP is clarifying additional details about the 27,000 layoffs they initially announced last month. The layoffs began last year, and HP is set to cut about 8 percent of its workforce in an attempt to “strengthen the long-term health of the company,” said CEO Meg Whitman during the initial announcement. Nine thousand of the roughly 27,000 employees who are set to lose their jobs are located in the U.S., reports Computer World.

Who’s Acquiring:

Big Firms Likely to Buy Up Small Cyber Companies

The Pentagon is worried that fewer contracts and diminished dollars might increase consolidation and acquisition of smaller cybersecurity firms, the likes of which the Department of Defense is increasingly looking to to field innovative solutions to today’s problems. Zachary Lemnios, assistant secretary of defense of research and engineering at the Department of Defense, cited concern for the acquisition of smaller cybersecurity companies by large defense companies. There’s good reason for the Department of Defense to be concerned. With both government and the private sector competing for cybersecurity talent, and Pentagon R&D spending on the decline, acquisitions may further limit the pool of opportunity.

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