You’re heard of using personal branding to land a job – how about professional advertising?

Searching for a job can be stressful, time-consuming and require a great deal of patience. Prospective job seekers face an economic climate that might not be so friendly, and may call for some inventive tactics to land their next paycheck. This is a good reason to have, among other things, a strong support system during your job search. Fortunately for Holly Stuard of Toledo Ohio a strong support system includes a very inventive husband who will stop at nothing to stand by his better half.

Holly’s husband Brandon took matters into his own hands, and rented two billboards in Toledo featuring his wife’s qualifications, an email contact and even her picture. The signs, titled “Hire my Wife”, will remain up for more than a week, and already have created quite a buzz around Toledo, and in national media…but have yet to result in job offers.

Is this going to far? Or is this a case of creative marketing from a devoted husband who wants nothing more to see his wife happy and employed. – Columbia, South Carolina |


Erika Wonn is a Communication and Social Media consultant currently working in Washington, D.C. Follow Erika at @buckidc


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Erika Wonn is a communications analyst and proud veteran in Washington, DC.