Just because a company wants YOU, doesn’t mean you want them. How do you know if a career offer is a good fit?

Here are a few warning signs to keep in mind before you agree to a post-military job:

Red flag number one, a vague position description. You should get a clear idea of the work you’ll be doing – including office hours and location.

Number two, your potential boss seems like a tool. You don’t have to like your boss, and depending upon how much you need the job, you might not have a choice. But if you’re not impressed now don’t expect a supervisor to grow on you over time – you’re better off looking elsewhere. Statistics show a bad boss and poor management are key reasons for people to go looking for their next job. Get a feel for the company culture when you interview, and the attitude individuals have for the management structure. You can read a lot by the contempt, or camaraderie, shown between a manager and his or her team.

Number three, during the interview any common veteran stereotypes come up – whether it’s asking you about post-traumatic stress or combat disability. If this is the line of questioning, run. If you’ve included disability preference in your resume, don’t be surprised if you’re asked about your status – many companies give preference or have special hiring programs for disabled veterans, and they can be great programs to take advantage of. But the questioning shouldn’t go into your specific disability, only whether or not you can do the job. If you’d like to clarify, feel free to do so, but avoid lengthy medical details or histories.

The good news is, most employers are vying for your kind of talent, and have the veteran-friendly office culture to match. Do your homework on the company in advance and be sure to bring a list of questions to ask during the interview. Chances are you’ll be able to find a great match, and the right fit for you.

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