Getting job search advice is a great idea. Following advice that isn’t tailored to your unique job search needs as a veteran? Not such a great idea. Some rules are made to be broken – including some job search rules. Here are a few examples.

First, you DON’T have to trim your resume to one – or even two – pages. A two-page resume is a good target but it’s about quality, not quantity.

Second, DON’T write a resume based on a template of a “good” resume – write one specific to your abilities and job search. That means you may or may not use an objective statement, skills summary, education overview, or other “resume essentials.”

Finally, you don’t need to meet every position requirement. If you’re confident you’re qualified – and can prove it – reach out to the recruiter or hiring manager to discuss how your military experience prepared you for the job.

The bottom line – don’t let small details stand between you and your ideal career. Some major defense industry employers will target positions and position descriptions to veterans, but many other great employers will not. You’ll need to hone your skills of reading between the lines in job descriptions and company profiles. Be assertive, and proactive in order to land the job.

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