Unlike email, social media messages are generally directed toward a group rather than an individual. How can you make those bulk messages count?

One, be personable, not personal. What does that mean? Show personality, but avoid getting too specific. You want to appeal to the group, so don’t show bias or narrow-mindedness.

Two, stay positive. You may be frustrated that you’ve received a resume from another unqualified applicant, but don’t use a public venue to voice that complaint. Emphasize the skills you’re looking for and remain enthusiastic about your company and the position.

Three, send messages when you need something, and when you don’t. If all of your communication is one way, your network will quickly notice. Reach out when you have a need but also when you don’t. Use group messages to offer resources, useful information or even something humorous or entertaining.

Social media is social – if you ensure your communication reflects that, you’ll find it can be one of your greatest hiring assets.

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