If you’ve served in the military you’re likely both comfortable, and experienced, working overseas. That’s good news for defense contractors with international positions to fill.

The Department of Defense may be decreasing its boots on the ground overseas, but military contracting positions are still available. And not just force protection and physical security jobs. Defense contracting firms need IT professionals, program managers, linguists, and other skilled pros to go international.

First, be sure to highlight your military experience, but also convey that you realize overseas contracting isn’t a military deployment.

Second, highlight your skills and certifications – demonstrate why you’re the best fit for the job, veteran or not.

Third, research what it’s like to be a non-combatant, if you’re not already familiar. Know both international rules and company policies for contracting professionals, and be prepared to meet them.

Your leadership skills will set you above the crowd when applying for overseas positions. Defense contractors are looking for veterans willing to make the transition to contracting. Good luck.

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