You used to be an adventurer, but now you’re a civilian – and happy about it. If going back overseas isn’t for you, here are a few cleared jobs for former special ops vets and overseas adventurers to consider.

If you’ve always wanted to be a closer, you’ll get your chance as an Accounts Executive. In this career track you’ll form relationships – not with tribal councils, but with your former men and women in uniform. Instead of capturing enemy strongholds, you’ll identify and capture business meetings – and be home in time for dinner. You’ll need the personality to pull it off – and the golf swing.

If you’re the kind of guy or girl who likes to get things from point A to B but does not like someone telling you how to do it, consider logistics. A logistics professional works under pressure to get goods where they need to go. In the case of defense industry logistics, this may mean getting millions of dollars in equipment overseas on a time crunch. Those with ulcers need not apply, but if you have an attention to detail and the ability – perhaps literally – to move mountains when necessary, logistics can be a great career.

Finally, if you fancy yourself a future CEO there may be no better career to consider than program management. All great company execs started as great program managers. And your military skills may have no better application. You can keep teams organized, on target, and moving forward to accomplish the mission – you were a born program manager.

Perhaps the best aspect of each of these careers? They command top salary (often over six figures), and they demand your leadership experience. It’s not the same as running a platoon in Iraq, but the pay-off is still high stakes and the responsibilities are significant. If you’re a veteran, you’re a born leader, and that’s what you should be doing – leading.

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