At a recent cleared hiring event ClearanceJobs was able to chat with Danielle Brown, UIC Technical Services, Bowhead. She offered her insights into how to get hired into a competitive cleared position with Bowhead.

What is Bowhead?

The Bowhead family of companies (commonly called Bowhead) are subsidiaries of UIC Technical Services based in Alexandria, VA. We provide a full range of contracting services to the Federal Government including IT, logistics, engineering and program management and product procurement services. We are an Alaska Native Corporation supporting the Inupiat people of Barrow, Alaska.

Who are your primary customers?

While we work with clients from both civilian and Defense government agencies, the majority of our work is with the Department of Defense and all of the military service branches. We have a significant presence at military installations in Dahlgren, Va., Aberdeen, Md., Charleston, S.C., Vicksburg, Miss. and Pax River, Md. Our personnel also work in offices or at client sites across the US and around the world.

What position/skill set is most in-demand right now?

I believe the number one high-demand right now is for qualified engineering personnel, such as systems engineers and test engineers. We’re also highly involved with IT and telecommunications, as we perform a wide range of services including software development, enterprise data center operations, help desk support, and equipment installation, maintenance and repair.  At this time we are recruiting for people at all levels, from entry level to highly experienced senior personnel.

Where are you open positions located?

We are looking to fill positions at a large number of our locations, from Florida to Alaska, and points between.

What’s the number one thing you look for in a resume?

The majority of our positions require a particular certification to be hired.  As a result, the first thing I look for as a recruiter are the candidate’s certifications. If I have to look throughout your resume for your certifications it makes it more difficult to see if you are a potential candidate for the position. If your certifications are at the beginning of your resume, it attracts my attention and I will then review the resume to determine the number of years of experience,  education, and other skills required for the position.

Recruiters are flooded with candidates every day, so if a candidate wants to get noticed and hired, they should tailor their resume to the position they want and ensure the things that differentiate them from the rest of the candidates, such as certifications, are easily identifiable.

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