Is it possible to be a player in the defense contracting space and also operate at the cutting edge? It is if you ask the employees and leadership at Barbaricum, a small yet quickly growing government contracting company founded in 2008. Their practice has expanded, but they’ve made remaining nimble and relevant a priority.

“The work that we do here at Barbaricum and the uniqueness that’s associated with that really revolves around a word that is overused and often misunderstood, and that word is innovation,” said Noah Albro, creative manager at Barbaricum. “The way that we view it around here is making connections.”

For employees, projects often intersect, and when that happens the team comes together to draw in the best expertise possible. Disciplines merge and employees expand their skill set by learning from others.

“I think more important than anything we do, we have that thought diversity, where everyone’s opinion is valuable,” said Isaac Arnold, senior communications analyst at Barbaricum. “When you have everyone from the same place and with the same experience, you’re going to get the same answer.”

Arnold noted that the company always considers what’s good for the firm, good for our customers, and in the end, good for the government agency they’re supporting.

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