Are you physically fit, able to ‘go-with-the-flow’ and mission minded? Overseas contracting careers can be a great option for transitioning military, veterans or service minded civilians. Of the more than 8500 openings currently listed on the site, more than 150 are located OCONUS, in locations from Iraq and Afghanistan to Russia and the Netherlands.

Here are five overseas contracting careers currently in demand.

1. Security specialist.

This includes force protection work as well as positions addressing and assessing facility and infrastructure security.

2. Program coordinator.

A program coordinator is similar to a project manager – they’re tasked with overseeing a specific project or plan in an OCONUS location.

3. intelligence analyst.

In danger zone locations, the right intelligence keeps everyone safe. Contract intelligence analysts may support military missions or provide intelligence to companies and private enterprise.

4. linguist.

If you have language skills you will always be in-demand overseas. Linguists are needed to translate for both military missions and for private companies.

5. construction manager.

No one can work overseas without a building to call home. Construction managers often work with local nationals to keep the many moving parts of a construction project working.

If your career didn’t show up in our top five list, no worries – every position is needed from time to time in some overseas location – you just have to look in the right place. IT professionals, in particular, often find their skills are needed to support military and government activities across the globe.

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