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While the government offers a more stable career track than most, there are some sectors that are going no where but up, no matter the employer. Engineering is one of those sectors. Here are a few stats:

  • Since 2010, job growth for engineers has been in the double digits
  • Jobs are everywhere – D.C., Philadelphia and San Jose are just a few of the cities where you might work
  • Average salaries are often well over six-figures
  • Engineering is a diverse industry – engineers support every branch of the government and a host of national security missions

How do you launch a cyber career?

You don’t necessarily need a college degree, but you do need skills and certs. In an interview for an engineering job, they won’t be asking about your management style, they’ll ask your knowledge of Agile Development and Python. That said, you do need to be a communicator. Many ace engineers have lost the job because they weren’t able to ace the interview. Practice makes perfect. You need to not just know the technical language, but be able to speak technical language under pressure.

What are the soft skills?

Technical skills are most important, but certain ‘soft skills‘ are valuable for engineers. Teamwork, management, ability to thrive under pressure – these are all critical qualities for engineers. If you’re interested in government work, you will almost certainly need a security clearance. If you want a high-level engineering job, you’ll likely need a top secret security clearance.

Be Willing to Relocate

If you’re an engineer looking for work and having trouble, it probably comes down to location. Engineering jobs are everywhere. You may be familiar with the major hubs in places like Huntsville, but cities from Topeka to Philadelphia also have amazing opportunities.

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