Which states are hot for security clearance jobs? We’ve rounded up a list of the states with the most current openings on ClearanceJobs.com. Whether you’re willing to relocate or looking to stay put, this list gives you a good idea of what each region has to offer when it comes to jobs.


Virginia is for lovers – and for security-cleared professionals. You can thank the plethora of government and military agencies who make Virginia their home. From multiple military bases to a host of three letter intelligence agencies, Virginia offers great options for job hoppers. Virginia’s suburbs offer great school and quality of life for families, and the variety of career options makes it a winning location for many professionals. If you get sick of your current employer, you’ll have plenty of other options to choose from.


The National Security Agency makes its home in Maryland, making it a great destination for cleared cyber professionals. The cost of living can be slightly lower than Virginia, with the jobs paying just as well.


Work and play in the nation’s capital. There will always be high demand for cleared professionals in Washington, D.C. Whatever your passion is, you can find a cleared job supporting it, whether it’s education and policy or defense and military.


Looking for a cleared career destination that’s a little less stuffy than Washington, D.C.? California has the careers for you. And while California may not be home to as many federal agencies as the Washington, D.C. metro, its career options are almost as diverse. While certain regions trend toward aerospace, California is also home to a number of exciting career opportunities in everything from IT to research planner and mathematician.


Florida is another great cleared career destination for those who consider Washington, D.C. too uptight (or too cold). Relax in the Florida sun with a number of career opportunities. A love of the Air Force isn’t required, but cleared job opportunities certainly screw towards the states multiple Air Force bases.


You can get a rocky mountain high in Colorado (just not literally, if you’d like to keep your security clearance). Another Air Force heavy state, Colorado is home to a diverse number of cleared career options, all centered around the Denver/Colorado Springs area.


Texas is a popular home to many military retirees, and also a popular location for many security clearance careers. San Antonio is considered a cybersecurity hot spot. Austin, Plano and Fort Bliss also have a number of security clearance career openings.


Charleston, S.C. isn’t just a lovely place to spend a long weekend – it’s also a great place to live and work, with a number of security clearance career openings. Openings range from systems administrator to technician.


If you’ve got the smarts, Massachusetts may be the perfect cleared career destination for you. Many of the jobs are supporting national laboratories, and many require advanced degrees. The aerospace and cybersecurity industries are also thriving in Massachusetts. If you’re looking for cleared job opportunities on the east coast, make sure Massachusetts makes it onto your list.


If you’re looking for a state that loves the NASA mission as much as you do, head to Rocket City. Cleared job opportunities are centered around Huntsville, Ala. and include everything from operations specialist and systems engineer to mechanic.

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