Forget pub trivia – we have the hot new game everyone is playing – Agency Alphabet. You heard that right, we’ve taken a few lesser known government agency acronyms, and put them into a quiz. Do you think you can score 100 percent?


Everyone knows all about the FBI and CIA – but what about the DIA and CID?

Drop a note in the comments to let us know how you did, and to share your favorite industry acronym.

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Know the OPTEMPO in Your AO: Acronyms Around the Office

Military acronyms – love ‘em or hate ‘em if you work in defense or homeland security, you’re probably pretty familiar with them. Whether you’re in the active duty service or not, military acronyms are a hard habit to break.

While you’ll read a lot of good advice here at about how important it is to keep acronyms – even the most common ones – out of your resume, I personally love a good acronym around the office. Acronyms serve their purpose – they save time, help abbreviate notes and are a great way to confuse interns.

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