Interested in a career as a cyber warrior? Join the few, the proud – the geeks in government. Offensive cyber operations are one of the fastest growing fields in IT, and demand is particularly high in the government. Before you apply, you should know three things.

First, you can trade a degree for experience. If you have military IT experience or simply a not-too-scandalous past as a black hat hacker, there may be companies willing to put you to work without the degree – if you have the skills.

Second, you’ll need the right certifications. While there’s debate about which certifications will really pay off, you’ll need to be 8570 compliant, as a minimum, if you’re interested in a cyberwarfare degree.

Third, yes, there will be a test. Cyber warriors don’t go into battle untested. Expect a rigorous technical interview – likely several – before you’re offered the job. If you’re awkward over the phone, make sure you practice before the interview. An increasing number of technical interviews are also being conducted via video conference. Test your equipment before the interview so your technical skills are the only thing you need to worry about.

Cyberwarfare is one of the hottest and highest paying industries. If you have the skills, the government has the jobs.

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