IntelliSearch, the same cutting-edge search tool that helps you find candidates, is now available for job seekers. With the click of a button, candidates can now see which jobs are the perfect fit for their career profile. It even lets them know the percentage match behind those jobs.

What does that mean for recruiters? Candidates are getting more tailored listings – so your job descriptions need to be great in order for the best match candidates to find your jobs. Don’t just take what a program manager or hiring manager gives you – tailor the description and use an ideal resume to help guide you if you have one. The better your description, the better your applicants will be.

IntelliSearch serves up fewer (but more targeted) results for candidates. Through the old search tool candidates may type in a broad career category and see thousands of potential jobs, with no clue as to which positions are right for them. With IntelliSearch, one click delivers hand-selected job openings. It takes the job search guesswork away from candidates and demands they have a more complete resume to deliver great results.

Better Results = More Job Views

As candidates find the ideal job faster, they’re more easily able to apply. When you’re not sifting through hundreds of job listings to find the right one, you’re more likely to apply to the highest-match listings delivered by IntelliSearch.

What Can Recruiters Do?

As a recruiter, you can take advantage of this increase in job applications by ensuring your job listings are hand-delivered to just the right candidates. The best way to do that is by creating detailed job postings. IntelliSearch is powered by conceptual search, which means you don’t need the right set of keywords and phrases, but you do need a detailed description to help IntelliSearch find the most relevant resumes.

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