Job security is something few people think about. The truth is that even in a good economy a sudden canceled contract can mean a contractor may need to streamline operations. Budget concerns affect all sorts of industries. The question is – are you prepared to weather the storm? Even when there are no warning signs that layoffs could be coming, it never hurts to have a plan in place.

As you consider your career, you likely have a plan for earning your next promotion or raise. But do you also have a plan for what to do if the contract you’re working on today doesn’t exist tomorrow? If you work for the government, what would happen if your agency suddenly experienced a severe budget cut?

There are questions you can gather through introspection and online research. Keep in mind that taking a few steps today while you’re actively employed will pay dividends down the road if you need to leave your job or face an unexpected leave of absence or layoff. Can you expect severance pay; can you collect other unemployment benefits and what happens to your insurance?

Take this quiz to see if you are really prepared to be “in between jobs” right now.


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