When a person or company is a pioneer, we often say they, “wrote the book” on their field. The Wright Brothers “wrote the book” on human aviation. The Beatles “wrote the book” on how to be rock megastars. And Microsoft “wrote the book” on computer software – better yet, they wrote the code.

It’s difficult to overestimate just how much Microsoft has and continues to shape modern life and technology across the world. Right now, the company is hiring software engineers, site reliability engineers, consultants, and premier field engineers to continue to advance their revolutionary work.

So what does it take to get a job at Microsoft? The company is looking for people that have traits that exemplify Microsoft’s culture: curiosity, growth mindset, introspection, and a drive to succeed. You don’t necessarily need to be a subject matter expert in what they are building, but you do need to be willing to dedicate yourself to the shared mission. If you are willing to learn, Microsoft can help you build the technical skills you need to be successful.

How to Land a Job at Microsoft

Once you’ve gotten an interview with Microsoft, Recruiter LeVay Penny has some tips to help you ace it.

“First and foremost, be prepared. Research the role and the company. Be sure you have a passion for Microsoft and our culture and let it show. Be prepared to talk about yourself including your key roles, learnings, and personal experiences. Ask questions. Not many candidates follow up with a ‘thank you’, and it can make a huge impression!”

After you’ve gotten your foot in the door, Microsoft will continue to support your career growth and development. An additional benefit that many employees and leaders share repeatedly is the flexibility and agility to change teams and seek new opportunities within the company.

“Given the breadth of our offerings, a job at Microsoft allows you not only stability and growth, but also the opportunity to move across multiple areas of the company,” shares Microsoft Distinguished Engineer Paul Lorimer. “We are doing so much amazing work company-wide, a career with Microsoft means you can take your knowledge, your relationships, and your innovation and apply it to different areas without ever having to change employers.”

Adam, Azure Service Engineer, agrees, “The company is a massive world in itself, and the opportunities to learn and grow are offered in both vertical and horizontal prospects.”

Microsoft Offers a Culture and a Mission You Can Be Proud Of

There’s never been a more exciting time to join Microsoft. Their mission says it all: To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. A job at Microsoft means being part of a global mission to help shape the future of the world while also driving innovation at scale and growing your own career.

“Everything we do here at Microsoft really does start with our mission,” shares Catherine Kuenzel, Microsoft Vice President. “Our CEO, Satya Nadella, deeply believes this is achievable, and his first step as CEO was to build a culture that supported this mission. As a proud Microsoft employee, it’s a joy and source of pride to go to work every day with a mission statement like that.”

Microsoft’s culture is something you’ll hear employees talking about a lot. It’s something they are proud of, something that they believe in, something that motivates them. “Microsoft’s emphasis on culture is a defining factor of the business, where the company is headed and the good that the company intends to bring to the world,” says Adam.

A Growth Mindset that Values Diversity of Thought

“We fundamentally believe that employees need and deserve a culture founded in growth mindset. It starts with a belief that anyone can learn, grow, and develop; that potential is nurtured, not predetermined,” says Penny. “This culture means we are inclusive and open to new ideas. We are helping to lead an industry-wide culture shift.”

Jamal, a Public Sector Senior Consultant, concurs, especially when it comes to inclusion.

“Microsoft values the contributions of all its employees. I am extremely grateful to work for a company and organization that values diversity, so much so that it has become a corporate-wide core priority. This organizational support granted to me further emboldens me to learn, grow and bring my very best to work each and every day.”

Microsoft’s culture of learning also means that there’s been a change in the way they recruit new employees. Microsoft’s Chief People Officer Kathleen Hogan calls it “screening in”, and it’s a method that shows up in Microsoft’s recruiting and interviewing processes. Screening in, put into practice, means casting a wider net to bring in a more diverse group of people because Microsoft believes that a homogenous workforce isn’t the way to innovate and problem-solve.

It’s clear that no matter who you are or what your role is, Microsoft is doing impactful work that’s helping to shape the future. And that, says Adam, “is a rewarding momentum to be part of.”

Microsoft is looking for innovators to impact the world while growing their careers.

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