If you’re serving in the intelligence or national security fields, you know your skills and talents are tied to a bigger mission. But those missions are diverse, as are the companies and government agencies performing the work. How can you be sure your contributions are valued?

“The number one reason that I think someone should choose ManTech is the impact of the jobs that they can have here – just the multitude of positions and critical missions that we support across the Department of Defense and the intel community,” says Yvonne, Senior Vice President of Growth and Capabilities.

ManTech provides mission-focused technology solutions and services for U.S. defense, intelligence community, and federal civilian agencies. In business more than 50 years, it specializes in full-spectrum cyber, data collection & analytics, enterprise IT, systems and software engineering solutions that support national and homeland security.

Valuing Your Contribution and Your Career Path

If you’re looking for a company that values your work, you need a company that values you as a person. An employer who respects your unique background and your goals for your future is a rare find – but it’s part of the culture at ManTech. And it starts from the day you apply.

“Since I work in the recruiting department and I work alongside all of our great recruiters, I see firsthand how they look at resumes. You’re not just another number to the recruiters. They actually take the time to read your resume,” says Kristin, a Digital Media Specialist at ManTech.

ManTech’s goal isn’t just to fill a spot on their roster, but to foster a team that will contribute the best work for their clients, from the bottom up. That has certainly been the case for Miguel, a Marine Corps veteran and Executive Director of Cyber Solutions at ManTech.

“The way I would describe ManTech is a pretty large sized company with a small company feel,” explains Miguel. “I’ve had the opportunity within ManTech to introduce ideas and have them raised to the appropriate levels where they were taken into consideration. It was important to me that I would be able to work at an organization where my ideas would be considered.”

Further Your Career with ManTech’s Generous Education Benefits

ManTech is committed to supporting its workforce so employees can continue their professional development. Since they hire talented, motivated people, they recognize that employees want new challenges and the opportunity to grow their careers.

This includes a partnership with Purdue University Global, which allows employees to pursue not only technical certificates, but advanced degrees – all for free.

“ManTech crosses so many lanes that the opportunities are infinite,” says LaToya, a CDM Senior Program Security Officer. “One of the programs that was highlighted when I started was the partnership that ManTech has with Purdue University Global. You can go from being security to cyber with the education opportunities that are offered here.”

This open door for career growth is something that truly sets ManTech apart. You don’t have to choose between fighting for the mission or advancing your own career. ManTech allows you to do both from the day you start.

“If you want to be at a place where you can make an impact to national security,” encourages Yvonne, “You can’t beat the opportunities that we have here at ManTech. You can come in on day one and shape how our customers’ missions are performed.”


If you’re looking to advance your career while serving the mission of national security, see ManTech’s job openings here.


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