Imagine applying your cyber skills to a role that is so critical to national security that you cannot talk about it to anyone outside of your immediate teammates. It’s not just your career—it’s your passion, and you’re quietly humbled to be involved in something so consequential. That’s how it feels to be a member of our cyber intel team at Booz Allen. “We’re impacting the dynamic of national security in real time,” says Mark, a lead cybersecurity engineer. “It’s incredibly rewarding work.”

Due to the nature of the work, we can’t describe it in detail or share the full names of the team members we spoke to for this article. But there are a few things we can reveal. “We run a very specialized malware and incident response practice that contributes to offensive and defensive countermeasures,” says Marcus, a digital forensics lead examiner. “What we glean from our studies feeds into the mission of our clients.” Sound important? It is. “We keep our most cherished national security assets safe,” says Mark. “The things we test have never been seen before.”

The team partners closely with clients to solve some of the most complex cyber challenges by identifying obstacles and recommending solutions. Access to deep technical expertise across the firm and a shared sense of purpose motivates the team to work together and help clients achieve their goals.  “I work with the highest caliber teammates,” says Pam. “Our work is intense, but what we’re helping our clients achieve is really astounding.”

What inspires our team each day? For Pam, it’s the work itself and the dedication to the mission. “I get to see and feel the impact of my efforts on a daily basis,” she says. “I know I’m making a difference in so many lives.” For Mark, it’s the surreal quality of what he does that really stands out. “What we do here at Booz Allen could be in a movie if it wasn’t classified,” he says. “We help amazing ideas become reality.”

Eager to have an impact on the cyber landscape?

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