Follow these simple steps to land a job you love

Welcome to a brand new year and decade—a chance to give your career a fresh start. Are you looking for more fulfillment and purpose in your work? Are you ready for a challenge that lets you meet your full potential?

If finding the next job opportunity tops your New Year’s resolution list, the recruiting experts at Booz Allen have some thoughtful advice. Here are their top tips:

1. Find work that sparks your passion

What do you love? Find a job that allows you to engage in these interests. “Being excited about what you’re doing. Valuing the end goal will translate into a more productive career,” says Analytics and Data Science Sourcing Recruiter Kevin Meekins. Booz Allen is driven by client missions. “We’re involved in meaningful work, especially since so much of it is focused on giving our warfighters the best tools, systems, and tech to do their job and stay safe while doing it,” adds Engineering and Sciences Recruiter Josh Cantor.

2. Pay close attention to a company’s culture

“Ask yourself, ‘What do I want from a company’s culture?’” says Senior Recruiting Specialist Ashley Knapp. Josh agrees. “You want to feel you’re working with people who share your values and are moving together in the same direction.” If you enjoy collaborating with both like-minded and diverse thinkers, while also having your own voice heard, Booz Allen is the fit for you. “If you want to get involved, raise your hand and let people know. Our collaborative culture helps employees become contributing members of the team from the start,” says Josh.

3. Be sure your next job offers career growth

“Growth and learning are key to any job, especially at Booz Allen,” says Josh. “The only way we put our best foot forward is to develop our people. It’s what sets us apart. We need the best and brightest to meet our clients’ missions, and we help make that happen.” An employer who encourages professional development provides dedicated training and development resources so employees can meet their full potential. “What it comes down to is the company showing you that they care about your success,” adds Kevin.

4. Get to know your future team

Your teammates play a big role in job satisfaction. “If you like the people you work with, you’re more likely to stay,” says Ashley. Part of that is the social connection, but there’s a professional reason, too. “If you connect with your teammates, you’ll challenge each other to grow and progress in your career,” adds Kevin. It’s no surprise, then, that people are Booz Allen’s biggest asset. Employees are empowered to solve problems as a team—and to harness the power of diverse thinking. “Our collective ingenuity matters,” says Josh.

5. Remember that networking is key to your success

“Look for a company that encourages you to make meaningful connections,” says Kevin. Highly networked organizations like Booz Allen provide resources to help you meet others at the office, through online forums, and during volunteer opportunities. To get started, consider who you already know and find effective ways to continuously expand your reach. “Having a trusted mentor allows you to ask questions and explore the next phase of your career,” adds Ashley.

Ready for a purposeful career at Booz Allen?

Join us. The world can’t wait.


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