Your career journey is more than just a contract long

Looking to do something significant with your security clearance? Look no further. Booz Allen is a natural hub for cleared experts across multiple fields. It’s because of the work they do and the clients they support.

“Regardless of clearance level, the work that these talented individuals perform is critical,” says Karen Stieg, director of talent acquisition. Saurin Shah, who leads the artificial intelligence business across the intel community, agrees. “We move at the speed of the mission,” says Saurin. “Our clients have entrusted us to bring the most skilled, cleared people to their teams to help them meet their most important goals.”

People at the Center of Booz Allen Culture

It’s also because of the way Booz Allen operates. Their culture puts people at the center of all that they do. Booz Allen invests in employees and their careers through training and mentorship, tuition reimbursement, and personalized learning experiences with the goal of helping them take their careers to the next level.

“We want you to be successful here,” says Sherrie McCaskey, senior digital recruiter. “To make sure you achieve this, we invest in you by devoting time mentoring, coaching, and training.”

Continue Your Military Mission with Booz Allen

With people and mission at the heart of the firm, it’s no surprise that Booz Allen is also a center for cleared military talent. “So much of our work needs the mission expertise and leadership capabilities of our cleared veterans,” says Laura Schmiegel, head of military and veteran affairs. “Mission and purpose are imbued in everything we do.”

At Booz Allen, cleared veterans can also continue doing the work that means the most to them. “Military talent brings unique experiences to the civilian workforce,” adds Tracy Freedman, program manager of military and veteran affairs. “Booz Allen is a place where they can support the same missions they did in the military—only out of uniform.”

It’s About Finding Your Career path

What keeps clearance-level experts at Booz Allen? They hire for a career, not just a contract. “It’s rare to see people have a career with one company, but so many do at Booz Allen,” says McCaskey. “Here, when you’re ready for a new challenge, all you have to do is hold up your hand and your leadership will help you shift your career path. We have so many cleared contracts and cutting-edge work, and there’s always a place for you to make a change and try something new.”

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