Passions and flexibility intersect at Booz Allen

Aileen Conway’s career as an analyst in Hawaii is anything but traditional. In the past decade and a half, she relocated to the East Coast for grad school, took a leave of absence to travel through Asia, and worked part-time teaching yoga to Marines. Her one constant: Booz Allen. With each pivot of her personal and professional life, she maintained a meaningful role in our organization.

What’s it like to empower your own career? Booz Allen spoke with Aileen about her unique path.

Why did you join Booz Allen?

It’s one of the best companies to work for in Hawaii. Here, I work on innovative projects while I’m encouraged to create my own career. When I needed to relocate to the mainland for grad school, Booz Allen was supportive in my professional development. When I wanted to take a leave of absence to travel through Asia, Booz Allen welcomed me back with open arms when I returned. While I joined for career opportunities, I stayed because the firm continues to support me in the different ways my life changes.

What’s the best part of your job?

I have an insatiable curiosity for other cultures. In my work, I get to study different countries, and I enjoy learning about the world around me. I also love solving puzzles and helping piece together mysteries, and both are a big part of my role. I can use numbers to tell and support a story. Numbers should add up, and it’s a fun challenge to figure out why if they don’t.

What’s one of your most memorable moments here?

Winning a personal contract with the Marines to teach yoga. I considered leaving the firm to pursue this career, but with the support of my managers, I was able to work part-time with Booz Allen and start a yoga and meditation program on base for active duty, veterans, government civilians, and contractors. It was great providing the military community with a space to relax and recharge while continuing my work for Booz Allen.

How has Booz Allen empowered you and your career?

Fifteen years sounds like a long time to be with one company, but I’ve found that I haven’t had to leave Booz Allen to grow. Working here gave me the opportunity to pursue a variety of career tracks.  Each time I take advantage of our company’s benefits to develop myself and learn something new, I unlock different facets of my personality and professional aspirations. I learned that I’m capable of doing so many different things thanks to Booz Allen.

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