One of the biggest employee motivators is the mission of their organization. While most clearance holders consider their company’s mission when accepting a job, not all companies adequately relate employees’ day-to-day tasks with the greater purpose. But mission is at the center of everything Microsoft does – and that dedication is felt by their employees.

“The most rewarding part of working at Microsoft is the opportunity to continue to serve and to give back to the nation,” said Claire, a Senior Program Manager and Navy veteran. “I think it also provides those who’ve never served in the military the opportunity to also serve. It fosters inside of all the folks on my team a sense of patriotism – in the sense that you’re a part of something more than just your average job.”

“It’s something that every single day you can tell in meetings that people are thinking about driving home the mission for the user and the customer,” said Megumi, a Program Manager and Air Force veteran. “We want the people who are serving our nation to have the best technology because they’re protecting us and serving our rights.”

Working at Microsoft helps both the country and the people in it

There’s a simple goal that inspires Microsoft’s work with the government: “Microsoft involves itself with government projects because they want to help people. They want to make their lives better,” says Laura, a Senior Consultant.

With offices just outside of Washington, D.C. in Reston, VA, Microsoft employees are able to work side by side with the government clients they serve.

“The best thing about my job is that I have the opportunity to deliver technical solutions for my customer and we’re working together to solve their mission critical problems,” says Jamal, a Senior Consultant.

“So if folks like myself were writing code to allow machines to process information at rapid speeds, then the code is making decisions that ultimately could influence the military or Department of Defense or intelligence community…We want our leaders and our innovators to be in the room with the decision makers, with the influence makers and policy makers.”

That’s why so many security clearance holders find such satisfaction in working for Microsoft. The goal to impact lives nationwide and worldwide is key to Microsoft culture.

“Microsoft’s mission really calls forth the opportunity to empower people to achieve more,” says Claire. “We are giving back to the nation patriotically and empowering those folks to go out and be the tip of the spear. To serve the nation and to answer some of the greatest callings we have.”

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