If you’ve worn the uniform, you know what it means to stand up for an idea bigger than yourself. You know what it’s like to work side by side with some of the most talented and dedicated people on earth. You also know the challenge it can be to find an environment that offers the same camaraderie and honors the same values that you fought for in the military.

In their own words, here are just four of the many reasons why veterans feel at home at Microsoft:

1. Microsoft shares your values as a veteran.

“When you join the military, you have this internal and inherent pride that you’re serving your country and that you’re supporting life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness,” says Adam, a Service Engineer and Army Special Forces vet.

“And I think Microsoft carries that as well… Every veteran can stand behind Microsoft’s effort to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more.”

2. Microsoft appreciates the unique contributions veterans make to their organization.

“Everyone is so excited to be working with veterans,” says Megumi, a Program Manager and USAF veteran.

“They’re very supportive, they want to ask what you did, why you transitioned. And then as they’re developing technologies for the tip of the spear down range, they want to say, ‘You were in the field. Will this actually make a difference? Or how can we improve?’”

3. Microsoft culture offers both the challenge and the common ground veterans are looking for.

“Onboarding as a veteran at Microsoft was pretty interesting,” remembers Claire, a Senior Program Manager and Navy veteran. “You come from this very formal world in the military and you come to Microsoft and it’s all about innovation and ideas and, ‘Hey where are we going next in terms of the world?’”

But that innovative culture also shares the same core values as those who’ve served. “They honor and they appreciate integrity, honesty, hard work. So it was easy coming from the military, moving over to Microsoft, because I felt like all the values that I had embraced as a leader there, they also embrace here.”

4. Working at Microsoft means you’ll still be surrounded by the best people, working towards the same mission.

“There’s a group, ‘Military at Microsoft’ that takes other veterans who’ve also served and allows us to just spend time together, learn from each other and bring all the character that we’ve learned out in the military back here to Microsoft,” said Claire.

“In the military we often feel like it’s a family. Like you serve with your brothers and sisters, and I thought that I could never have that sense of belonging again. But I was wrong. I found that here at Microsoft with the team that I’ve become a part. And it really is a family.”

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