As a brand known worldwide for decades, you might be under the impression that you know everything there is to know about Microsoft. If you work in the technology sector, you may even think you know what it would be like to work there. But you might be surprised. In the words of its employees, here are three surprising things you might not know about pursuing a career with Microsoft.

1. You might not need a traditional 4-year degree to work at Microsoft.

Sometimes it’s not about what you already know – but what you’re willing to learn. Microsoft looks for candidates with experience, but also for those with the character and raw talent to learn and excel. One great example is Microsoft’s eagerness to hire veterans.

“We brought in a lot of ex-military guys that don’t really have a lot of IT experience, but are go-getters, who are willing to go learn, willing to help,” explains Brett, a Site Reliability Engineer. “And they’ve really molded themselves in and have been picking things up really quickly.” On-the-job training or technical certifications can also help you get a foot in the door.

“My recommendation to people who are interested in coming to work for Microsoft is to be open and embrace learning,” said Jamal, a Senior Consultant. “Gone are the days where you need to study four, five, six years for an undergraduate degree. The company is shifting. We’re embracing certifications and online training. And so there’s a different avenue and options for coming into the company.”

2. Microsoft employees know it’s more important to have a big idea than the perfect idea.

“No longer is about perfection from day one,” said Claire a Senior Program Manager. “But [rather], how far can we get as a team? The idea that, hey we can learn something from everyone. Everyone’s opinion and everyone’s ideas matter. And that diversity then creates a stronger team.”

In order to deliver innovation to its customer, Microsoft knows it’s important to build teams where everyone is able to have a voice and bring thoughts and solutions.

“One thing that it’s important for people to realize about Microsoft is that we’re an open and inclusive company. And the culture embraces differences of opinion. Not just difference of looks, but difference of mindset, and contributions amongst the team,” explains Jamal.

“There’s a curiosity amongst the employees, there’s sharing of information, and there’s valuing other’s differing opinions, and collectively, collaboratively, that brings a stronger solution to our customers.”

3. There’s no limit to how Microsoft can help you grow.

Microsoft doesn’t see itself as a career destination, but a career journey. While that applies to the company’s support of training and professional development, it also shows how they value the growth of their employees personally. That’s why Microsoft is looking for people who are passionate about innovation and collaboration. As a company literally at the cutting edge of technology and solutions-delivery, it needs people who aren’t content with the status quo.

“At Microsoft there’s a growth mindset, and there’s so many opportunities,” said Laura, a Senior Consultant. “It’s not just in person, on the job. It’s also training classes, it’s with your colleagues. It’s just an unbelievable opportunity to grow as a person. And technically”

Adam, a Service Engineer, served in Army special forces before joining the Microsoft team. At Microsoft he’s found the continued freedom to be challenged and grow.

“Coming to a place like Microsoft really opens your wings up,” says Adam. “Microsoft is such a huge world, and because of that, it also offers a lot of opportunity to shift in any way you want.”


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