In Amy Schumer’s movie, I Feel Pretty, she portrayed a woman named Renee who struggled with heightened feelings of insecurity and inadequacy over beliefs about her appearance. One day at her spin class, Renee fell off her bike, hitting her head, and losing consciousness. When she awakened, her world was transformed.

She believed that she was ravenously beautiful. Her physical body and looks were the same but she believed she was changed.

After this, she was unstoppable. Her approach to the world was dramatically enhanced. With her newfound confidence, she started dressing differently and behaving differently.  She thought that the men who were innocuously speaking to her were really hitting on her.  She applied to her dream job, was subsequently hired, and she participated in bikini contests.

Every person she met was in awe of her because she was innately comfortable with herself and confident.

She was soaring in life and her career.

Then through the miracle of movie-making and the inevitable plot twist, she had a second accident and once again hit her head. When she awakened, she saw herself as the way she thought she was before her alteration – ugly.

She was devastated but as she saw photos of her own before-and-after transformation, she realized that nothing magical had happened.  There was never a transformation. She was the same Renee all along.

What would you do if you thought you couldn’t fail?

No, the movie won’t win any academy awards, but the theme of the movie is on point. And, you may be wondering what this has to do with your career.

Ask yourself this question, What would you do if you believed there was no way that you could fail? 

Would you apply to your dream job, ask for a promotion, or start a business?

I guarantee your life would most likely be a 180-degree change if you had the courage to go for it. No, you probably won’t get 100 percent of the things you want in life, but you will get more than if you didn’t go for it at all.

Many of us live in a constrained parameter of potential and many of us fall short of that potential because we are afraid to believe that positive changes can happen.

When you have belief in yourself, you feel powerful, empowered, confident, and fired up with the stamina needed to face your challenges and problems.

Without Belief, You won’t have the motivation to get things done

And when you don’t have it? Your goals fall by the wayside. They are left undone. Your dreams sail out to sea as you stand on the beach watching them float away. Eventually, they are too far in the distance and you can’t recapture them.

How many times have you let your own goals drift on by – all because you lacked belief and doubted your abilities?

The messages you hear from others are strong. The messages we heard as a child can be carried with us into adulthood. We let words reduce us. If you need to hear how powerful you are, you need your message to be louder than the external messages you hear.

Think about the three most successful people you know. Are they more successful because they are smarter?  Have they worked harder?  Do they deserve it more?

Maybe. But, you deserve it just as much as anyone else.

Where does self-belief come from?

Your self-belief is steeped in:

  • Positive Thoughts
  • Attitude
  • Confidence
  • Courage

Your self-belief is killed by:

  • Giving up our personal control to others.
  • The lies we tell ourselves.
  • Our lack of a support system.

Without self-belief you may never set off on the path to achieving your dream aspirations because belief is the foundation you need to get there.

So, as you start off on your work week, remember that your level of self-belief is not set in stone. You can alter it. You can grow it. When you start to doubt yourself and that inner voice rises to the top, ask yourself whose voice you are really hearing – is it your parents, your friends, your boss, or that nasty little inner gremlin that likes to lead you down the wrong path?

This is where you need to become your own career coach. Tell yourself that is not authentically your voice.  Sit and reflect. Then challenge what you are hearing until you can ignore it. Take a few moments and coach yourself into your self-belief and away from your self-doubts. Your mind is incredible and can create powerful change.

So, enjoy your week and do something a little out of your comfort zone. You may feel a little anxious, but in the end, it will be worth it.

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Jan Johnston Osburn is a Certified Career Coach and Organizational Consultant. Her organizational specialties are Talent Acquisition, Training, and Leadership Development. She holds a Master’s degree from the University of Buckingham, UK, and has certifications in Executive Coaching and Advanced Social Media. Her website is www.YourBestLifeTodayCoaching.Com .