Looking to push the boundaries of technology through cloud computing, Agile development, and DevSecOps? Look no further. Booz Allen’s team of digital experts is on a mission to support the inner workings of the intelligence community. It’s not only exciting, highly technical work—through the development and implementation of unique software solutions, they have the chance to make a difference in the lives of others.

“The data that resides within our framework is used daily by senior decision makers,” says Digital Program Manager Josh Perrius. “It directly impacts our warfighters, giving them the information they need to stay safe as they serve.”

Data discovery for complex missions

Booz Allen engineers and digital professionals work on a wide array of projects for the intelligence community. Cloud engineers and solutions architects focus on building frameworks and mission-critical applications, and partner with clients to rapidly transition workloads from legacy infrastructure to the cloud. In doing so, Booz Allen is helping to vastly improve the performance and discoverability of data to meet the needs of the government’s most complex missions. Teams are developing fault-tolerant data ingestion pipelines to cleanse, tag, and process data sets at scale, and are working directly with clients to apply advanced analytics and machine learning to help them make sense of that data.

“We have the privilege of working with data at a scale that you don’t get to see anywhere else in the world,” says Chief Technologist Dan Nguyen. “We get to design the underlying cloud infrastructure for mission-critical systems that our intelligence community clients rely on every day.”

Teams as diverse as the work

“We’re from all across the industry—some are new to working in the intel space, and some have been working there for decades,” says Dan. “Some of us are veterans, some are serving in the military, some are civilians; some have spent their careers with Booz Allen, and some have just joined. Wherever you are in your journey, someone on our team has been there and can help guide you.”

The diversity of experience also lends to a leading-edge outlook for the tech they develop. “We’re a creative, forward-thinking group who loves to learn new things,” says Josh. “Ours is a culture of innovation that’s spread throughout the team.”

People making an impact

While the tech is a big draw, it’s the people at the center of the work that ultimately drive the team.

“We take pride in what we do and the software we write, and we’re always trying to do better to make an even bigger impact,” says Josh.

Adds Dan, “I love working at Booz Allen because we leverage our consulting heritage to help our clients. They trust us. They come to us with their frustrations, their roadblocks—and we have the chance to work with them to find solutions.”

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