As the world becomes more connected, the need to protect public and private systems against cyber attack becomes more urgent. What’s at risk? More than just stolen data. Think critical medical devices. Air and ground traffic control systems. Connected vehicles. Oil and gas infrastructure. Electrical grids. Clean water supplies.

The most pressing threats to government and industry are invisible to most—but not to the elite team of security engineers at Booz Allen Dark Labs.

Employing hacker tech—against the hackers

At Booz Allen Dark Labs, security researchers, penetration testers, reverse engineers, network analysts, and data scientists apply the same tools, techniques, and thinking as malicious hackers to stop cyber attacks before they occur.

They are on the frontlines, researching threats, reverse engineering systems, investigating weaknesses, and developing original security fixes—before anyone else even knows an issue is there. Their work touches millions of people across the defense, financial, health, manufacturing, and retail spaces.

Defending systems and information against attack

Governments, economies, and industries can be brought down with mere keystrokes. Booz Allen Dark Labs experts neutralize these threats by focusing on four core areas:

  • Mobile Application Security. Detect, assess, and correct software flaws in mobile apps by combining industry best practices with Booz Allen Dark Labs’ proprietary programs.
  • Embedded Vulnerability Analysis. Find flaws in connected and embedded devices through reverse engineering, threat modeling, prototype development, and more.
  • Network Security. Think like a hacker and use state-of-the-art tools developed by Booz Allen Dark Labs to find vulnerabilities to external perimeters.
  • Cybersecurity and Malware Analysis. Conduct global malware hunt operations, anti-malware research, and capability development to understand and defeat cyber attackers.

Booz Allen Dark Labs staff are among the best in the industry. They maintain their edge with advanced training on everything from Kaizen, Capture the Flag-based events, to data science for hackers.

Contributing to Cyber4Good

At Booz Allen Dark Labs, it’s not just about safeguarding clients against specific attacks. Staff are encouraged to explore what interests them and to engineer inspired solutions. They also responsibly disclose the critical vulnerabilities they find.

As a result, Booz Allen Dark Labs teams make invaluable contributions to safety and security. For example, when the “Green Light Project” team reverse-engineered a traffic light control system, it discovered eight vulnerabilities that, if exploited, would cause chaos for thousands of cities and towns across America. The team coded a software patch and gave it away for free to system vendors and municipalities.

Join an elite team of intelligence professionals

Booz Allen Dark Labs is seeking tenacious vulnerability and malware analysts, reverse engineers, and data scientists to outsmart and outmaneuver criminal hackers. You will collaborate with the best of the best from the intelligence community, learn new tools and techniques, and create pioneering applications.

Booz Allen Dark Labs’ experts know they are securing critical systems and data one vulnerability at a time from global attackers intent on theft, disruption, and chaos.

Do you have what it takes to beat the world’s best hackers at their own trade? Then join Booz Allen Dark Labs.

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