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When it comes to the vanguard of innovation, Aberdeen, Maryland is the best-kept secret. Just 30 minutes north of Baltimore at one of Booz Allen’s technology hubs, our team of network, systems, and test engineers and coders explore, develop, test, and employ leading-edge technology. Their goal? To help soldiers carry out their missions safely and effectively.

What’s it like to work at Booz Allen Aberdeen? We asked Electrical Engineer Mohammed Abaza about our frontline cybersecurity efforts and how we’re leading the pack in technology.

What’s your team’s mission in Aberdeen?

We play a key role in protecting classified data. Working with government agencies, we’re developing, testing, and integrating layered cybersecurity solutions using commercial products. We give the warfighter secure commercial tools so they can respond to the latest threats while mitigating risk. Imagine being able to take the newest phone or tablet into the battlefield and use its modern technology for increased performance while lowering the risk of compromise and data loss. That’s what we aim to do. We’re also supporting civilians and contractors. If someone has a classified network in their building, we can develop a secure wireless solution for them. It’s a new perspective and a big, positive change for some of our clients. As a result, the technology is better, faster, and sleeker, and we’re able to protect sensitive information more effectively.

What’s the most exciting part of your work?

Being able to do research and development. Engineers here get to work with commercial technology, which is always changing and evolving; new things are always coming out on the market. We need to be aware of what’s happening, so we can implement new technology and related features. If you’re into building things ahead of the curve, our lab in Aberdeen is the place to do it.

What do you like best about working at Booz Allen?

Engaging with groundbreaking technology. Engineers like to stay ahead on the latest tech through social media, industry events, and vendor relationships. We want to know what’s coming out, what’s changed, what’s new. When you talk to an engineer, they’re usually tinkering at home because they don’t get to do it at work. But here I get to examine and implement new technology every day. And it’s not just for fun—we’re helping further our clients’ missions. You’re not just another engineer working out in the field . . . at Booz Allen, you get to make a real impact.

Ready to use the latest tools and tech to make a difference? Join us. The world can’t wait. 

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