Booz Allen analytics expert uses personal journey to shape her career

As a military spouse and senior lead scientist, Courtney Crosby knows Booz Allen is truly a place that supports the military community from the inside out. Courtney has witnessed firsthand a culture that fosters trust among employees from all backgrounds and empowers her to have a voice in solving complex challenges for military clients.

We spoke with Courtney about her experience with the military and how it led her to a career in analytics at Booz Allen.

What do you do in your role at Booz Allen?

I’m currently spearheading innovation and advanced analytics for military clients, particularly in the Command, Control, Computers, Communications, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C5ISR) domain. I also lead operational activities in support of defense efforts to bring artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to the combatant commands and broader Department of Defense enterprise. It’s rewarding that my work brings emerging capabilities to the warfighter and positions our firm to make the right decisions around how we innovate the military’s use of AI.

Why did you choose to pursue a career here?

Booz Allen valued who I am as a person even before I joined the firm. I knew I made the right choice 3 months into my tenure. My husband, an active-duty intelligence analyst in the Army, received permanent change of station orders, and my leadership team unequivocally supported our relocation. They’ve also championed my ideas on how to leverage that transition as a benefit to my career trajectory and the firm’s business.

How have you applied your experience with the military to your career at Booz Allen?

Over the last decade, I’ve supported several special operations missions, ranging from human terrain to military deception to algorithmic warfare. Now, I’m driving how we operationalize technical solutions for the defense sector by prioritizing mission understanding and tactical awareness of our AI and machine learning programs. I have a unique voice in this space given my experience on half a dozen deployments as a contractor and familial links as a military spouse. I use that perspective to translate analytic opportunities into solutions that not only resonate with our clients but make sense operationally.

How does Booz Allen support the military and veteran community?

Our resources for employees, like forums, communities of interest, and benefits, are well known. What’s less known is the value placed on the military and veteran community itself to drive thought leadership, shape opportunities, and be vocal about the state of the possible. There’s a lot of trust from leadership placed on my expertise, judgment, and ability to think outside the box. That has made a huge difference in my career fulfillment and happiness.

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