Learn more about Steven’s role as principal engineer of booz allen’s solutions delivery platform

Steven Terrana has a knack for seeing problems from multiple perspectives—all to better explain the solutions to others. It comes from his multidisciplined mechanical and biomedical engineering degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Add to that an important stint he had teaching programming and robotics to children during his college years, and Steven was well prepared to step into the role of DevOps engineer to help build a platform for the National Science Foundation that streamlines software delivery. That’s when he became hooked on software development—and DevOps found him.

At Booz Allen, Steven is the principal engineer for our open source DevSecOps capability focused on reusability and organizational governance for software delivery, the Solutions Delivery Platform. Steven makes modern software delivery as efficient as possible through implementing DevSecOps practices. His expertise lies in continuous integration and continuous delivery pipelines, as well as containerization and microservice-based application architecture. Steven applies these solutions to federal systems to help improve the daily lives of citizens.

“There’s something appealing about software development. To take an idea and bring it to life through code has always been a passion of mine.”

With an eye to the future, Steven sees a growing demand from our clients and the industry to apply the same principles used in DevSecOps for application development to data analytics. He’s excited to see how the two can be combined to maximize the security and efficiency of machine learning and artificial intelligence in the federal space.

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