Happy May the Fourth, ClearanceJobs! If space content is of interest, we’ve posted dozens of articles about the progress and job prospects within the U.S. Space Force, including our latest article this week which unpacks how airmen and Air Force civilians can make the transfer from the U.S. Air Force to the U.S. Space Force.

But for our weekly security clearance news update we’re talking less about space and more about spies – specifically who, or if, you should tell people that you’re applying for a security clearance.

This question comes up for both security clearance applicants and those who have had a security clearance for awhile.

1. Should I Tell People I’m Applying for a Security Clearance Job?

The fact that you have a security clearance is not classified, so there’s no reason you can’t tell someone you have a security clearance. In fact, the State Department and other government agencies advise applicants who have a clearance to include this information on their resumes. That said, beyond listing it on your resume, is there anyone that really needs to know about your security clearance? And is this the kind of information you should lead with in pick-up lines at the bar or in your Tinder profile (NO!). It’s a good idea to avoid ‘advertising’ your security clearance, and this includes listing it on public facing websites like LinkedIn.

Who should you tell about your security clearance job plans? As we’ve mentioned previously, your security clearance application requires a lot of references – it is a good idea to let these people know you’re applying for a security clearance job.

When it comes to talking about any job prospects – security clearance or commercial sector – a little discretion is in your favor. In the Internet and social media era, many applicants have lost their shot at a job by making poor public posting choices in the days leading up to a new position.

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