Colorado Springs is one of the biggest defense and aerospace hubs in the nation, with more than 250 employers and multiple military installations, including Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base, and Fort Carson. Colorado Springs leads the way in GPS, satellite, and cybersecurity technology. Colorado is also home to the second-largest concentration of space workers in the country. And if mountain views and some of the country’s best hiking are your thing, Colorado Springs can deliver.

The growth of commercial space opportunities has been a boom to Colorado Springs’ already robust space economy. The Space Foundation is headquartered in Colorado Springs. The Colorado Space Coalition is dedicated to making sure more space business makes its way to the state. The coalition provides a variety of resources about the ‘Mile Closer to Space’ campaign, and updates on what companies like Sierra Nevada Corporation, Ball Aerospace, and General Atomics are doing in the state.

Benefits of Working in Colorado Springs

Diversity of opportunity and access to cutting edge technology are two of the major reasons to consider career opportunities in Colorado Springs. If you’re looking to add more outdoor activities to your life outside the office, Colorado Springs can deliver – whether it’s hiking in the summer or skiing in the winter.

Education and research opportunities are abundant in Colorado Springs, fueled by partnerships with the Air Force Academy and Air Force Space Command. If you want to land a great job and upskill, education and credentialing opportunities are abundant in Colorado Springs.

The significant military population makes it a popular one for retiring service members, and that means a lot of support for veterans who choose to make Colorado Springs home.

While you’ll find cost of living is better than what you’d find on the coasts, a booming economy brought on by the legalization of marijuana in the state has also brought on more competition for housing and higher cost of living in some areas. The good news? It’s also brought an influx of money into public education. Traffic can also be a nightmare, so plan your commute accordingly.

Major Industries and Hot Jobs in Colorado Springs

Missile warning, satellites and space control are all key in Colorado Springs. Unmanned Aircraft Systems are also a growing business, including law enforcement and public safety UAS operations.

Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, Ball Aerospace, and Lockheed Martin all have facilities in Colorado Springs. But it’s not just the big names in business in Colorado Springs – there are cleared employers of every size and flavor with opportunities in Colorado Springs.

MCSG Technologies is a small company that packs a big punch in the defense industry.  2019 Family Positive Workplace award winner.  MCSG supports dynamic programs in Colorado Springs like AF TENCAP, Space Flag and 17th Test Squadron. They’re currently offering sign-on bonuses for systems administrators. Interested in learning more? Check them out on ClearanceJobs or email their recruiting team

If you can dream up a defense job, Colorado Spring can probably deliver it, with heavy emphasis on cyber, IT and space positions.

Colorado Springs 411

Population 485,946 (40th largest city in the U.S.)
Housing Cost The median rental costs $1,072 per month, and the median house value is $248,700.
Typical Weather If winter snow is your thing, Colorado Springs is your place. Comfortable summers with cold and snowy winters. December to February sees highs ranging between 40-45°F, but the lows in the teens and twenties are what makes the slopes fill up with snow. Spring and fall are comfortable with highs in the 50-60s, and summer peaks in July with an average high of 85°F.
Cleared Employer to Watch Jacobs, Northrop Grumman, Aerospace
Highlighted Job Space Force Analysts – “Join the Force” by supporting the integration of space capabilities required to implement national strategy, policy, and guidance.

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