Your profile is dead…zombie-like with a status update once every 6 months 🧟

Staying relevant online (especially during COVID-19) means being seen by candidates. An outdated profile with your employer three years ago or being absent completely implies that your company can’t offer some of the top secret squirrels the career opportunities or connections they need.

Overall, it increases the chances that they will move on to the next.


Recruitment marketing is the process of cultivating and attracting talent to your company using marketing strategies, methods and tactics. This phase in recruiting happens before candidates apply for a job, also called the pre-applicant stage of talent acquisition. It is now a must-have recruiting strategy and even before COVID-19, mostly happens online.

The four main goals of every recruitment marketing campaign are to make potential candidates aware of your company mission and programs, generate their interest in your organization, give them the opportunity to consider you as their next employer, and funnel talent to apply to the open positions your company has available.

If you are sourcing top talent in such a saturated candidate market like the defense industry, you need to start thinking like a marketer. Standing out as a preferred employer in a labor market like national security is essential in securing billets, filling openings with cleared personnel, and building a talent pipeline. This means that you need to develop a well-rounded methodology to recruitment marketing and the full lifecycle of recruitment.

It also makes you a trusted source for career changes.


Developing both your company and personal brand will allow you to attract the right candidates based on your reputation in the industry. With a brand strategy in place, recruiting teams should also invest in high-quality career pages, produce blogs and video resources, polish off new job descriptions, schedule virtual hiring events, and communicate with candidates to see the full return on investment. Busy talent professionals need well-crafted status updates and posts to engage passive candidates, grow their talent pool and represent their employer and personal brand positively.


  • Build out your niche audience. No one knows you as well as you do. Create and showcase the unique experience that defense candidates will get from working with you. If you’re passionate about helping veterans obtain employment, post about that! Are you really great at spotting a very good or not so good resume? Post articles on that topic. Does the safety of the US and national security inspire you? Rant away!

  • Establish a social media presence and continually post to your ClearanceJobs profile. An online presence with no sign of activity will allow candidates to easily move on from your profile. So be outrageous (in the most professional way).


  • Keep your website / other links on your ClearanceJobs profile current. Social media and blogs extend your presence. While candidates will start with a company’s website when doing research, you as the recruiter are the face of the company! Maintaining regularly updated content is crucial!

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Katie Keller is a marketing fanatic that enjoys anything digital, communications, promotions & events. She has 7+ years in the DoD supporting multiple contractors with recruitment strategy, staffing augmentation, marketing, & communications. Favorite type of beer: IPA. Fave hike: the Grouse Grind, Vancouver, BC. Fave social platform: ClearanceJobs! 🇺🇸